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Foremost Tax Resolution Firm in Port St. Lucie

Discover your path to financial freedom with A & R Financial Consulting Group, your trusted tax resolution firm in Port St. Lucie. Our devoted team, under the direction of Kenneth Ferrier, has been assisting Americans in regaining control of their lives for more than 14 years by confronting IRS and state tax debt head-on.

Our mission is clear: to provide you with a lifeline out of the overwhelming world of tax debt. At A & R Financial Consulting Group, we're not just another faceless firm; we're a family-owned business deeply committed to delivering on our promises. With a team of enrolled agents, certified public accountants, and a wealth of experience, we stand out by delivering results, not empty pledges.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes a free consultation to assess your unique situation, IRS negotiations that put your interests first, rapid IRS evaluations to unveil your tax issue's specifics, and tailored tax debt relief services that bring you closer to financial stability. We're your advocates for ending wage garnishment and securing bank levy releases.

Stop the financial struggle and start your journey towards financial liberation today. Contact A & R Financial Consulting Group at (772) 237-9919 to schedule your free consultation. Don't let tax debt define your future; let us guide you towards a brighter, debt-free tomorrow. Trust in our experience, commitment, and expertise, and let us be your partner in achieving lasting financial resolution.

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